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'Young, Educated and BLACK' by Jennifer Akre, inspired by The Unforgotten

By youngviclondon 12 Oct 2020

'Young, Educated and BLACK' by Jennifer Akre, inspired by The Unforgotten


Young, Educated and BLACK

Word of the day

Scofflaw.  A person who flouts rules, conventions or accepted practices.

Yes, I confess I am GREAT but I have a lot on my chest.  I sit down, you get up and go somewhere else to sit down on public transport.  All because YOU say I am loud.  

I ask politely for directions you walk right by me, like? did n’t you hear the question?


Spell the word violence. It will make you think, and when you think you will intermittingly blink.  Unbeknownst to you, you will be balancing the left and right hemisphere of your brain, which means that YOU can change.  Make up a mantra of what you will and what you won’t, who you are and what you want.

Poverty mind, poverty equals crime. It’s going to the same places and eating the same things all of the time.  Its talking to the same people about hay fever, who don’t know any more than you either.

This prison IS racism turned inward and onto itself.  Why treat me less than YOU think YOU deserve?

I am intellectually unmasked.


Written by Jennifer Akre in response to The Unforgotten, a free interactive art installation at the Young Vic which participates in and contributes to the ongoing conversation within the Black Lives Matter movement regarding whose image we uphold and elevate, offering our community an alternative view of leadership. To find out more visit